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Prairie Spirit Rail Trail State Park
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Free Happy Hour water bottles while supplies last!

Free health screenings:

  •   Heart rate
  •   Blood pressure
  •   Body mass index
  •   Weight

Free nutritious snacks and recipes.

Free special guest speakers.

June through August, 2017

Held Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays - 5:30 p.m.

Garnett Municipal Swimming Pool

$4 per class


Healthy Happy Hour

PLEASE NOTE:  The first Happy Hour was so well attended there were lines creating a waiting situation. This event has since been broken into "social circles" (stations) to allow you to freely mingle from place to place.  Join us, won't you?


Free lunch and learn about these topics to help you make the sometimes difficult decisions:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 6 - Legal Issues
  • Wednesday, Sept. 13 - Banking Details
  • Wednesday, Sept. 20 - Assisted Living & Nursing Home - When is it time?
  • Wednesday, Sept. 27 - Funeral Home

Events held at Prairie Belle's Restaurant, 130 E. 5th Avenue, Garnett, Kansas. A service of East Central Kansas Aging and Disability Resource Center.

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Aging is inevitable and unavoidable process that affects each and every one uniquely. The way in which you take care of yourself through the years both physically and mentally will impact the way in which you age. Aging 101/Keys to Embracing Aging is an interactive program that highlights 12 keys aimed to helping you grow old gracefully, successfully, and with increased longevity, based primarily on findings from the centenarian studies and the advice from those who participated. Centenarian studies demonstrate that life doesn't have to diminish with aging. In fact, 100 year olds are teaching us that the acceptance of aging can be positive, joyful, and exciting experience.


Water Aerobics

Third Tuesday of each month.

Next Event - Sept. 19th, 5 to 6 p.m.

Anderson County Hospital front lobby.

- Adult Exercise (Seniors) Class

- Core and Cardio Fitness Training

- Indoor Cycling (Spin) Class (AM or PM)

- Yoga- Beginner and Intermediate


Join us for Happy Hour #9 - sept. 19

Speaker: Rebecca McFarland

Join in one of the many golf tournaments happening at the Garnett Country Club.

For a list of upcoming golf outings, visit:


Aging 101

Exercise Programs

garnett recreation announces fitness programs

Join us for the September Healthy Happy Hour topic on aging.