Mind, Body & Spirit


Physical health broadly defined exemplifies a state of complete wellbeing and is not solely defined by the absence of disease. Physical health is greatly impacted by the right type of exercise, nutrition and health care. Physical health can be improved when individuals have access to services and resources that can help obtain an optimal lifestyle to achieve their personal “best.” Our goal is to connect you with those resources.


Spiritual health is often defined as a personal sense of peace in which individuals feel in touch with their innermost self and connected to others in their lives.  Spirituality often brings a sense of a purpose to life and can mean different things to different individuals.

Organized religion provides an opportunity for individuals to belong to or feel a part of a larger group with a dedicated cause and a belief system. Organized religions offer education, coping skills and insight for individuals to improve their overall spiritual health. Some people strengthen their spiritually through other means including connecting with their inner most self through prayer, meditation and time with nature. Our guide provides many opportunities for spiritual growth with the list of 
resources we offer.


Emotional health is a key ingredient to overall well-being. Emotional health is defined by a state in which an individual feels relaxed and confident to experience life in a secure and self assured manner. Individuals with good emotional health often have good support systems and many positive coping skills to combat stress. We offer a list of local resources to address emotional health including local support groups and mental health providers and specific resources such as weight loss, alcoholic and substance abuse, domestic violence and more.